How to find a good bankruptcy attorney?

How to find a good bankruptcy attorney for your case?

Bankruptcy is one of the most complicated areas of law. There are different bankruptcy laws at federal and state levels. The process of filing for bankruptcy is a complex court procedure. To ensure to comply with all requirements properly, consult a bankruptcy lawyer. But how one can find a good bankruptcy lawyer?

Here are some ways to find a good bankruptcy lawyer:

First of all, find some contact details of lawyers

  • Check with your family and friends to get some reference who may have hired a bankruptcy attorney.
  • Check American Bar Association and American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI)
  • Contact the local bar association in your area
  • Search on internet, you will find lot of contacts and useful information
  • Check your local telephone book for bankruptcy lawyers

Once you get contact details, call or send emails to them, or drop your phone or email so that they can call you back. Most of the bankruptcy lawyers give you a free consultation on your case. So, create a list of bankruptcy lawyers based on the information you might have gathered from the above sources and start calling or visiting them for free consultancy.

While calling or during free consultation, please ensure to ask

  • Number of bankruptcies they handle in a month or in a year?
  • Number of bankruptcies of the kind as is yours?
  • Availability of attorney for you and your case during filing and when the case is in court?
  • Meet the actual person you will deal with.
  • The list of documents you are required to produce
  • The whole process, starting from filing the bankruptcy to final settlement port court order, till you till you move on in your life
  • A plan for your case he suggests that include time, cost and other important points like your future prospects in your personal life, job etc.

Be sure to keep all details of your case ready. It will help if you create a small checklist of items to be referred or discussed. You should keep on updating this list as you discussions with attorneys continue and you gain more information about the requirements and information they might ask for.

Visit the local court for a day to have a first-hand feel of what you should expect from your attorney. Observing the attorneys in action can give you an idea of the lawyer you want representing you. You may as well find out which local attorneys specialize in bankruptcy laws, especially the type of bankruptcy you are seeking. Get the names of lawyers on the local bankruptcy court’s debtor or creditor committees; they may well be your potential attorneys. Don’t forget to check about local programs that offer free or low-cost legal help with bankruptcies.

Select the most suitable one

  • Compare attorneys’ experience and reputations. Ensure to verify information by directly checking with the attorneys and their firms. Keep in mind that bankruptcy law is a specialty; make sure he knows his way around bankruptcy court.
  • Check with your state’s bar association and your local bar association for attorney’s eligibility to practice law in your state and any disciplinary action against him in the past.
  • Is the attorney a member of ABI, National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, or state or local bankruptcy attorney associations?
  • Compare the upfront fee and expenses. Find out if any fees are not included. Check from the attorneys about local programs that offer free or low-cost legal help with bankruptcies.
  • Don’t go for the cheapest, find a reasonable one. Too much or too little may be avoidable unless you have a clear reason to select them.
  • Most importantly, did you feel comfortable talking to the attorney? It is very important as you will be dealing with them for long period of time and quite often. And it can’t be overemphasized that the most important aspect of any legal process is often effective communication between client and attorney.

Once you have finalized a bankruptcy attorney for your case, go and meet him. Get all specifics and details in writing. It is always good to have everything in black and white.

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